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Bridging Africa's Culture with the 4th Industrial Revolution

So, Who is Metameta Club?

Metameta Club is pioneering the future of digital and virtual experiences in Africa, creating the continent's first Metaverse community.

We're not just about games and social interactions; we're a dynamic platform where African culture, history, and innovation converge in immersive realities.

With a mission to democratize access to the Metaverse, ensure African culture is represented, and upskill the young generation with emerging technologies, we are at the forefront of the digital revolution, making the Metaverse accessible, and building Africa's next digital economy.

Founding members

The team behind Metameta Club constitutes of Web3, Metaverse, NFT and VR experts, thought leaders, enthusiasts and entrepreneurs coming together to create the future of African digital economy.

Our Metaverse locations

ETH Safari Exhibition

Largest ETH event in Africa. Virtual NFT gallery in partnership with Mbogi ya NFT

Podcast Chill spot

Be our guest on our podcast space on Spatial

African NFT gallery

Horray! We created the 1st African Metaverse gallery in Decentraland.

When we come together, great things happen!

The Annual Africa Metaverse Summit

Watch a recap of the The Africa Metaverse AI Summit, an annual event that happens physically in Nairobi and virtually in the Metaverse

Our journey so far

What began as a group of Metaverse enthusiasts with common interests has grown to a movement of creators, builders and visionaries spread across the African continent.

We are determined to use this platform to create the digital economies for the future generations.

Hosting Physical Events

Organized 4 major events, drawing attention to the potential of the Metaverse, NFTs, VR, XR

Partnerships & Exhibitions

Collaborated on exhibitions at over 10 other major events

Educational Workshops

Educating African youth about AI, XR, Metaverse, Web3


Built a community of more than 2,000 members with common interests

Don’t Listen To What They Say, Come See.

At Metameta Club, we believe in the future of Web3 communities and XR to transform African lives from how we interact with the rest of the world, to how we learn and work.

Attend some of our activities and experience the future.

Metaverse Games

Outdoor VR Exhibitions

Metaverse Summit

Virtual Community Events

Learn, Partner & Network in Our New Community Hub

In our mission to create a skill-based digital community, we are dedicated to creating a platform that upskills the next generation as well as creates a healthy environment for collaborations to thrive.

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